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Ricky Gervais and Sam Harris

In this new podcast series, the Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning actor, director, and writer Ricky Gervais phones his favorite smart friend, the neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris, to ask some very important questions...and some not-so-important ones.

Gervais and Harris contemplate the wonders of science and the chaos of modern life while having many good laughs.

  • 1

    Why do we care about the future of humanity?18 mins - Preview

    We care about what happens after we die… but why? Ricky and Sam kick off season two by discussing our desire to leave the earth better than we found it. Ricky officially denounces Satan.

  • 2

    How does hypnosis work?13 mins - Preview

    Ricky and Sam discuss the mechanics of hypnosis and the possibility of a “truth serum.” They also condemn swallowing live frogs at parties.

  • 3

    What is anxiety?14 mins - Preview

    Ricky and Sam explore the origins of anxiety. They also discuss aging, stand up comedy, and having a heart attack on stage.

  • 4

    The certainty (and uncertainty) of death16 mins - Preview

    Ricky and Sam debate whether or not it would be better to know the date of your death. They also discuss the flaws in human memory, what uploading our consciousnesses might look like, and why snails would make terrible comedians.